Monthly Meetings

    The Central Ohio Chapter of ACI holds monthly meetings from September through May which include a presentation on a topic related to concrete, concrete materials, or concrete construction. Meetings may also cover local construction projects of interest and will often include site visits. Some projects we have visited in the past include The Ohio State Stadium Renovation, The State Street Bridge, The Maumee Bridge, The State House Renovation, and The Columbus Zoo Asia Quest and Polar Bear exhibits.

    Meeting topics are picked by the Board of Directors and are chosen based on what would be of most interest to our membership.  The board will then bring in a speaker that is considered to be an expert on the subject matter. The board is always looking for ideas on meetings topics or suggestions on speakers. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

    Meetings are open to everyone and are a great venue for socializing with colleagues in the concrete construction industry and are also excellent networking opportunities.


    Concrete Slabs, Moisture, and Flooring
    Elizabeth Rodenkirch, CTLGroup

    Site Visit - The Ohio State University
    North Residential District Dorm Tour

    Heavyweight Concrete at the OSU Medical Center
    Bill Feltz, Anderson Concrete
    Nigel Carter, Turner Construction

    Architectural Concrete Specifications
    Ken Hover, Cornell University

    Roller-Compacted Concrete
    Chris Tull, CRT Concrete Consulting

    Scaling: Causes & Prevention
    Dr. Larry Sutter, Michigan Tech University

    A New Microsphere-Based Admixture Provides Freeze-Thaw Durability for Concrete
    Mark Bury, BASF Construction Chemicals

    Concrete Projects in Iraq
    Christopher King, 360 Architecture

    The Willow Island Hydroelectric Project
    Douglas Hartz, The Ruhlin Company

    The Reorganized ACI 318-14: Benefits, Rationale, and Availability
    Mike Tholen, American Concrete Institute